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We are made for those who do not want to follow trends every six months but are looking for a timeless style and value tradition - the know-how passed down from father to son - capable of creating clothes that last over time, because they are made with that passion and the Italian knowledge of the past. We think that high quality prevails over brands. The web allows us to be closer to all our friends.
a 60-year history


Luigi Gallo has a history spanning sixty years. He comes from an invisible village in Basilicata, Roccanova di Potenza. Luigi Gallo arrived in Rome in 1957, with scissors in his suitcase and adjusted trousers. In those early years, he breathed Rome and the cinematic elegance that occasionally passes on the sidewalks of the city center. He dreamed of Cary Grant's trousers and Gary Cooper's two-button jackets. Over the years he gained experience in the laboratories of Domenico Caraceni and Angelo Litrico, the legend, from which Gallo learned that the customer is right, but not always, and that it takes twice as much excellence to dissuade, and mastery to fix. He met with Saverio Ferragina, the press agent, then Marco Bellocchio and Vittorio Mezzogiorno: «Mezzogiorno was an extraordinary character. After the film with Bellocchio, I dressed him for La Piovra. And in twenty-four hours I made him a tuxedo to run to Venice».

«We became friends ever since. I saw Giovanna, her daughter grow up: when she won the David di Donatello, she wanted to wear her father’s tuxedo. I unstitched it all and remade it for her. When she saw herself in the mirror, she started crying and so did I, in front of 'this girl who was really beautiful».

A lot of cinema passes through Gallo's velvets. Michele Placido, Sergio Castellitto, Giancarlo Giannini, Stefano Accorsi, David Zard, Kabir Bedi, Omero Antonutti, his Atelier becomes a temple of style that leads him to meet and dress famous people such as Giuseppe Ungaretti, Christian Barnard, Giacomo Manzù, Emilio Colombo , Nikita Khrushchev, Andrew Cuomo, John Wayne. He only needs scissors and an iron to transform even just three meters of fabric into a precious work of art like a sculpture in which each element is molded to the highest level of manufacturing and the devotion to the final product. rendere unico il valore della creazione su misuraOut of precious fabric Luigi Gall upholds the value of a unique tailor-made creation, the perfect suit. His passion leads him to the conquest of awards and merits from the highest institutions. He revolves around the story of him. «Once a well-known tailor told me: "Happiness is in work, and a little in the family". Today I have six children and he, who lived alone, was wrong in the proportions. The family is the center, the rest follows. After all, it is only a question of well-made clothes». Quite right. Even if born noble, to compensate for the torn shorts.

third generation of craftsmen


A few steps from via Veneto, the reminder of a legendary Italy, on via Flavia, lies Sartoria Gallo and the third generation of sewing craftsmen. The needle and the thread are the tools that have been tirelessly moving for sixty years, passages that are repeated over the years. They tell of a daily passion reflected in the profession that Marco Gallo has learned since he was a child, when he began to frequent his father’s shop. Today, under Marco’s direction, the tailoring has kept the same inspiration marked by his father, who has served many distinguished personalities from the world of entertainment, political and even religious institutions.

«After school - says Marco Gallo, who studied in Rome at the Armando Diaz Institute (graduating as a fashion operator) and later at the European Chamber of Haute Couture - as a boy I would put myself side by side with my father to steal the secrets, and my mother used to make me hand stitch initials on my shirts to test me. I still remember when a customer walked in I could guess if he was wearing a suit made by my father or not. In this way I understood, almost for fun, that one day I could follow in my father's footsteps».
And so it was: thanks to the technical preparation learned in the schools, in the internships with high fashion brands such as Gattinoni, Renato Balestra, but, in particular, from the mastery of his father, Marco continues to propose the beauty of the artfully made combining traditionality with modernity as well as technological experimentation.

«I feel a lot of satisfaction in creating unique clothes and accessories, I always try to create something that goes well with the character of each individual person and enhance the physical qualities with an appropriate cut. I am very attracted to the new challenges. We were the first to receive, experiment and create with a fresh wool fabric patented by Loro Piana. We created a jacket-trousers suit, the lightest in the world, which is practically crease-resistant. Even crumpled up and thrown in a suitcase, it is flawless».
formazione Luigi Gallo


The first three-year vocational training school with a limited number. We teach fashion, cutting and sewing. Only in Rome.
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The photos that made history
the President
Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic
the prince
Prince Carlo of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies at the Gallo Atelier
New York
Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York
Angelo Litrico and Luigi Gallo during the awards ceremony at the 1967 San Remo men's fashion festival

Elegance, high quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, tradition and innovation: Gallo Tailoring.