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Scuola dell’ Alta Sartoria Gallo EN


Training young tailor-designers through practical professional courses. Enroll in Gallo School to learn from true experts.

Diploma in Tailoring/Cutting/Pattern Making

THE GALLO SCHOOL OF HAUTE COUTURE trains young Tailors/Cutters/Pattern Makers.

Our goal is to create strong and successful employment opportunities for our young talents. Through our courses, we offer comprehensive training, which has been made possible through the acquisition of highly sought-after skills, resulting in a 98% employment rate for our graduates. Many of them have successfully started their own businesses, while others have found positions at prestigious tailoring shops and renowned international fashion houses, such as Gattinoni, Zegna, Prada…


The Gallo School originated from a project by the European Chamber of Haute Couture. Since its initial courses in November 2007, with the support of textile companies like Loro Piana and Fintes Filati Drago, it has evolved. Today, the school is self-sustaining without any funding from public entities, enabling us to provide superior education with invaluable content, ensuring a highly esteemed learning experience in the industry.

We take pride in stating that our graduates are highly sought after by prestigious tailoring shops and luxury brands.

In a context where the average age of tailors is significantly rising, we are witnessing an extraordinary resurgence of young master tailors. These ancient crafts, fundamental to the economy of the last century, are currently sparking new international interest. Our goal is to train ambassadors of the Italian tailoring art passed down by our ancestors. The Gallo School of Haute Couture encourages young individuals to pursue an educational path preparing them for a career in the world of bespoke craftsmanship and work. The courses are open to everyone, requiring parental or guardian consent for minors and completion of compulsory education. Each course provides a qualification enabling young people to enter the workforce, either independently or with other companies. The two-year course, spanning 920 hours, grants the title of assistant tailor and culminates in a diploma in Tailoring/Cutting/Pattern Making


Two-year course totaling 920 hours.

Subjects covered:

Men’s Pattern Making

Men’s Tailoring

Women’s Pattern Making

Women’s Tailoring

Creation of haute couture garments including trousers, jackets, coats, vests, tops, skirts, dresses.

With 90% of the hours dedicated to practical training, graduates are eligible to enter the workforce, with the great satisfaction of being hired by renowned Italian haute couture brands or starting their own businesses. Final examination conducted by a committee comprising prominent figures from the Italian haute couture industry and distinguished representatives from journalism.

Qualification certificate as Tailor Cutter Pattern Maker.

If you have a strong ambition to learn an artistic craft and create your professional path, or if you are already a craftsman/entrepreneur seeking support to grow, here you will find the knowledge, guidance, and services to help you achieve your goals.

The course has a limited number of participants to ensure dedicated high-quality instruction. Fill out the form below to receive more information and reserve your spot.

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    Elegance, high quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, tradition and innovation: Gallo Tailoring.