Dear Gentleman and Gentilhomme, over the years the “tailoring” phenomenon is losing the value that characterized it since its discovery – located between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries – leaving room for “new fashions”, certainly dissociated from taste and aesthetics that reflect, on the contrary, the absolute values ​​for classical and old-time men like us.

Certainly, the modern phenomena of the mass media and the strong impulse of marketing have done nothing but highlight these modest ways of dressing at the expense of what we care most about; and it is precisely for this reason that Sartoria Gallo has decided to open a blog aimed at bringing young elegance researchers closer and providing interesting technical ideas to those who are already in the sector, with the hope that tailoring can be an element of common knowledge and not more too sectorial and unknown scope.

Over the weeks, topics related to the history of the sartorial phenomenon, advice on how to behave in an atelier, technical excursus on the various elements of the tailoring garment and curiosities of the matter will be proposed. Everything will be surrounded by photographs and historical artifacts linked to our centuries-old craftsmanship: and who can pursue this noble goal if not a tailoring itself?

Elegance, high quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, tradition and innovation: Gallo Tailoring.